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My site is being targeted by spammy link building. What can I do to protect myself?

Spammy link building is one of the common negative SEO tactics. Instead of attempting to boost a site, the aim of negative SEO is to damage the rankings of a competing site, or even have it completely removed from search.

If you think the links are hurting (or will hurt) your search engine rankings because of negative SEO, there are 2 things you can .

First, you can quickly and effectively disavow them using Monitor Backlinks. Check out this article on how you can do it.

Second, You can also use the negative SEO protection, a free badge on your site that discourages people from launching a negative SEO attack on your site. It discourages them because they know it will be ineffective since:
a) they know you're using Monitor Backlinks to get notifications
b) they see that you have many referring domains. 

If you want to add it, you can do so by following the directions at the bottom of this link:

Updated on: 22/08/2019

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