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What does the yellow triangle warning sign for backlinks indicate?

You spend a lot of time and effort to earn quality backlinks to your site and rank higher in Google. But with Google Penguin penalty and other similar threats, you have to be very cautious at what type of backlinks you are building or earning. High quality backlinks will improve your organic traffic and ranking in Google. On the other side, bad backlinks will do more harm than good.

A bad backlink comes from unrelated and untrusted sources. Sites that have been penalized and links that are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can have a negative impact on your SEO.

Our tool automatically shows the warning signal when the website that's linking to you has at least one questionable metric. If that's the case, you'll see the warning sign indicating that you should manually review the link:

Click on the warning sign and you'll see the poor metrics that triggered it:

Please note that it doesn't necessarily mean that a backlink is bad because it has a poor metric. You need to take all of the metrics into account and you should also manually review the site for relevance/quality. If the link has bad metrics, and has irrelevant and low-quality content, then it's probably a bad link.

Updated on: 14/08/2019

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