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How can I see if there are changes in my backlink status?

You spend a lot of time and effort to earn good backlinks, and it's a big problem if a backlink disappears. It's important to monitor them so that you can do something and preserve your investment. Monitor Backlinks makes it easy. 

The way Monitor Backlinks works is that:

you input your domain
all of the backlinks get recorded
we regularly monitor your backlinks
you keep track of the status changes in your backlinks

There are 2 ways to check:

you get email alerts from MB
you check backlinks yourself

You get email alerts automatically when:

your website gets or loses backlinks
the backlinks status changes

Here is an example of the info in the email alert:

You can also log in at any time and go to Your Links section to check for yourself. If a backlink that once existed (or which was imported manually by you) can't be found, you'd see a "BNF":

There are also useful filters so that you can filter for:
 - links from a specific page/domain
 - links with a certain status (eg. BNF, Backlink Not Found)

To do it:

click on the "New Filter" button:

select "Linking Page" and put in the word (or the page/domain) you would like to filter for:

click on the "+" sign and select "Status" from the dropdown menu with "is backlink not found" condition:

You can also see recent changes to your backlinks by going to This is a module that keeps a detailed list of the backlinks whose status has changed since you’ve started using the software and updates the list every five days.

You can also monitor a backlink that has already been removed from the internet. To do this you would have to import the backlink manually by using this button:

Our system would keep monitoring for the link and update if the link is found again.

Updated on: 11/08/2019

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