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How do I download a list of all backlinks along with competitor links?

By default, Monitor Backlinks shows 1 link per domain. If you want to see and export all the backlinks to your and your competitors' sites, you should go to your account settings and change so that you can instead see up to 5 links. We've found that having more than that creates a lot of noise from sitewide links (eg. footer links) and non-live links.

To download a list of backlinks for your domain and for your competitors, you'll have to click "Export" from both Your Links and Competitor Links.

For your own domain:

go to Your Links
select "All"
click "Export"

For each competitor:

go to Competitor Links
click on the competitor that you'd like to export backlinks for
click "Export"

Updated on: 24/08/2019

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