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I am using the default setting of showing one link per referring domain. How do I change it to see more links per referring domain?

If you'd like to see more than 1 link per referring domain, then you can change this setting for domains you've already added, by taking the steps below. Please note that the extra backlinks that appear will count towards the backlink limit on your plan. 

First, click on Manage Domains:

Then, check the domain you want to edit, click Settings, then "Set links limit per referring domain":

If you want to change the default for new domains so that you don't have to do this again when you add new domains, you can edit your account settings here:

Also, note that you can see up to 20 links per domain, by importing them through a CSV file. You can import backlinks by clicking on "+ Add Links Manually" from Your Links tab.

Updated on: 24/08/2019

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