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Is there an easy way to find the links that are pointing to incorrect or deleted pages?

Monitor Backlinks can help you easily identify all your live backlinks. Our tool can also help determine links that are not working properly or find bad redirects.

Broken links not only affect your site rank in Google Search, but also waste “link equity or juice” and contribute to a poor user experience. That’s why you should make every effort to find and fix them.

What are the most common URL errors that can affect your SEO?

Two of the most common URL crawl errors are 404s and 302s.

302 status code means “temporarily moved.” This redirect doesn’t carry or pass the link value to the new location. 

If a URL has changed or contains a typo, links pointing to this broken URL may redirect visitors to a 404 error page. This may result in poor user experience and even Google penalty.

To find all websites linking to pages with errors or redirects to your site:

go to the Your Links section and click on the New filter button:

select "Destination page with" from the dropdown menu with the "is Page with errors/redirects" condition:

Then you'll only see the links that are going to pages that have errors or redirects:

On the column "Anchor & Link to" you’ll see a short status of the issue found on each backlink when hovering on the 404 or 302:

If your plan allows it, you can go ahead and export the links.  

You can export them by selecting "All" and then clicking "Export":

Updated on: 24/08/2019

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