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I want to quickly check the backlinks for a random domain - how can I do that?

You can use our free Backlink Checker to instantly get an easy-to-read overview of a website’s most popular backlinks.

To get started, just enter the URL of any website and hit “Check”. You’ll be given a list of the website's best 300 backlinks and their most important metrics, so you can see exactly how its link profile is performing.

You can check up to 300 rows per day for free.

By upgrading to a paid plan, you can check more domains and see more links with our main tool. Each plan comes with a certain number of link checker rows per day.

You should go to your Link Checker section and enter the URL of any website and hit the “Check Now” button:

By default, we display 50 results. The "Load more" button loads 50 results with each click until you reach the link limit (e.g. 2000) for the 24 hour period.

When you reach the link limit, you'll need to upgrade or wait 24 hours to see more links.

Please note that if you come back later (or after upgrading) and type the same domain/URL into the link checker, then you will see the previously loaded 2000 links by default (instead of starting with the initial 50 and having to load the same links all the way up to 2000 again). You can then load 2000 more links (up to 4000 total).

If you're already on a plan, you can easily check your daily maximum link checker rows, as well as your consumed link checker rows.

Updated on: 14/08/2019

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