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'Linked to' page shows a 302 status - what does it mean and should anything be done about it?

In the Your Links section, you might find some pages where the 'Linked to' page (the page that the backlink links to) shows a 302 status.

This means that the 'Linked to' page is doing a 302 redirect from one URL (let's call it URL A) to another (let's call it URL B). Because of the redirect, if you click on the page, then it will send you to URL B.

A 302 redirect means that the redirect is temporary. This is in contrast to a 301 redirect, which means that the redirect is permanent.

There are 2 cases where we most commonly see a 302 status:
 - www -> non-www: for example, to
 - http -> https: for example, to 

From an SEO perspective, a 301 redirect is ideal because it will pass most of the link juice from one page to another.

If you change the redirect to a 301, then it will maximize the link juice for the page because it will all be concentrated.

Updated on: 24/08/2019

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