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What is the difference between the statuses "Follow" and "Indexed by Google"?

There are some backlinks where you will see that the status is Follow, but the page is not indexed by Google. You might wonder, would it be bad to disavow a link with follow status?

What is the difference between "Follow" and "Indexed by Google"?

"Follow" is an attribute of the backlink, while "page not indexed" is an attribute of the page that the backlink is found on. 

"Follow" just means that the page is indicating to search engines that the link should pass link juice. It doesn't actually tell you whether the link is a high quality link or not. 

And in fact, in cases of negative SEO, the backlinks would often have Follow status, but be from spammy pages and domains. 

So you should do a complete analysis in deciding whether to disavow links. It is fine to disavow a link with Follow status. 

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Updated on: 24/08/2019

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