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How do I disavow backlinks using Monitor Backlinks?

First, identify your bad links. Make sure that they are indeed bad links, because if you accidentally disavow good links, it will hurt your rankings. 

Second, disavow the bad links that you identified inside Monitor Backlinks. To do this:

go to Your Links:

check the links you want to disavow, click the "Disavow" button and "Disavow Domain" (Generally, we recommend disavowing the domain rather than the URL - here's why.)

You will be able to see your disavowed links highlighted in red and with "Disavowed" tag:

Please note that our tool helps you easily create your disavow report, but you'll still have to download it from your account and then submit it to Google. 

Export your disavow report by going to and then clicking the "Export Disavowed Rules" button (If you have created a disavow report before using Monitor Backlinks, you have an option to import your old report in our tool. That's so you can keep track of all disavowed links and merge it with the new report.):

Finally, upload the exported file to Google's disavow tool ( and submit it.

I recommend checking out this deeper tutorial on how to use our disavow tool.

Also, I suggest this guide on how to analyze your links and decide which ones are bad.

Please note that Google doesn't send notifications when you disavow a link - they only confirm that they received the file. Also, no one knows exactly when Google processes disavowed links.

Updated on: 02/12/2020

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