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I'm currently using domain properties, and therefore, cannot use disavow tool. How can I enable disavow tool for domain properties on GSC?

In February 2019 Google announced about replacing property sets by domain properties. Domain properties were introduced as a way to streamline the process of adding domain variants, i.e instead of verifying the www, non-www, HTTP, and HTTPS versions individually you can simply add a domain property which automatically pulls in data for all variations of a domain.

Please note that adding a domain property also removes the ability to disavow links pointing to the domain (in addition, those who verify exclusively with a domain property also lose access to the old Search Console and all the features that haven’t been ported over yet.) But if you don’t want Google to aggregate the data and you want to segment Domain property data by subdomain, path, or protocol, you should create additional URL-prefix properties for segments of the Domain property; for example for the Domain property, create additional properties for,,, and so on.

Updated on: 15/11/2019

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